Download Fairy Tail The Unreleased Collection Vol. 1

Category : Album
Date : 2018.12.17
  1. Fairy Tail Main Theme -Strings ver.
  2. Bonds -Strings ver.
  3. Predestination -Alternate ver.
  4. Ancient Magic -Piano ver.
  5. Fairy Tail Rises -Strings ver.-
  6. Overcoming Sadness -Strings ver.
  7. Sting and Lector
  8. Memories of Fairy Tail -Piano ver.
  9. Carla’s Confession -Music Box ver.
  10. The Power of Justice -Strings ver.
  11. FAIRY TAIL Main Theme (Electric Guitar Version)
  12. Mystogan
  13. The Black Dragon of the Apocalypse
  14. Dragon Slayer (Metal Version)
  15. Lyra’s Song -English Ver.-
  16. CanCan (Fairy Tail Version)
  17. Fairy Tail 2014 Main Theme (Electric Guitar Version)
  18. Second Origin
  19. The Gildarts Shift

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